About Us

Asteri Boutique is a Montreal-based small business that brings pieces of Greece straight to your home. Founded by Maria in 2021, the Asteri collections feature unique, high-quality towels, blankets, cushions, ceramics and bags from Greece.

It all started when Maria travelled yearly with her kids back to her roots: Greece. She enjoyed the high-quality products made with their famous natural fibre cotton each year. She especially loved the cotton towels and would go looking for different products made with Greek cotton every year. 

After a day of enjoying the Greek waters, she would wrap her children in these natural cotton towels and loved how fast drying they were. It was unlike any quality she has seen elsewhere. She brought some back home with her and continued to use them in her everyday life. These towels became a staple in her household and she wanted to share a piece of her culture with others.

As the years passed and her kids grew up, it was time to do something for herself. She never forgot her passion for Greek cotton so after dedicating many years to being a mom, it was time to bring her vision to reality. 

She sourced the towels and imported them to Montreal, where she is located. As everyone fell in love with these high-quality towels as much as she did, she started to expand her collection to feature more products made with this cotton. This is how the Asteri collection you enjoy today was born. 

We love doing what we do best: bringing beautiful pieces from Greece straight to your doorstep for you to enjoy. 

Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by. We appreciate each and every one of you.